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Research: Awarded 2021-22 ($573,672 as PI, $606,172 external)

  • Andrew Chin. “The Apalachicola Cultural Planning (ACP) Project”, The Andrew Mellon Foundation, $500,000
  • Sang Bum Park with Ana Orosco, Tejal Udhan, and David Kaul “Visualizing Sea-Level Rise”, State of Florida Division of Historical Resources, $68,672
  • Sang Bum Park with Ana Orosco, Tejal Udhan, and David Kaul, “The Stevens School Oral History + VR Project”, State of Florida Division of Historical Resources (sub-contract from the North Florid Education Development Corporation), $37,500
  • Mahsan Mohsenin, “FAMU Advance Faculty Fellowship-NSF Cohort 4”, Florida A&M University, $5,000


Publication: Book Chapters

  • Chin, Andrew. & Williams, D.O. Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Du Bois, and Architectural Education at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Chapter included in J. Ockman and P. Laurence (Ed.), Historical Perspectives on the Formation of the Architect: Case Studies on Architecture Education in the United States. (2022). New York, NY: Routledge.


Publication: Papers

  • Lescop, L., Chin, Andrew, Park, Sang Bum, Ehtemami, A., Bernadin, S., FAMU Digital Documentation, a VR narrative for architectural education in the Proceedings of EAEA 15: Envisioning Architectural Narratives. September 2021. Huddersfield, UK
  • Chamel, Olivier , Lescop,L., Dahlgruen, B. Rooftop Additions: An Alternative Model of Urban Growth,. in the Proceedings of Architectural Research Centers Consortiums (ARCC) Conference, March 2022, Miami, FL.
  • Chamel, Olivier, Virtual Reality as Collaborative Design Pedagogy on 3 Continents ,. Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture Conference, March 2022, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Mohsenin, Mahsan. Race + Hazard Mitigation + Architecture, 36th Passive and Low Energy Architecture (PLEA) Conference. November 2022, Santiago, Chile.
  • Sherbakova, L; Binmahfooz, Basma; Grace, Amanda; Thomas, Shayla. Inclusive Pedagogies in Theory Sequence Courses, 36th Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC) European Association for Architectural Educators (EAAE) International Conference. March 2022, Miami, FL.


Performance/ Presentation: International Peer Review

  • Chamel, Olivier, Dahlgruen, B. Growing Up: An urban design approach based on increased density, Olivier Chamel, Bernd Dahlgruen. presented at the Sustainable City Conference, October 2021.
  • Lescop, L., Ehtemami, A., Chin, Andrew, Bernadin, S., Park, Sang Bum., FAMU Digital Documentation, a VR narrative for architectural education. presented at the 15th EAEA 15: Envisioning Architectural Narratives. Huddersfield University, September 2021.
  • Park, Sang Bum, Teaching K-8th Students Architectural Acoustics Using VR. Will be Presented at the Autumn Annual Conference of KNSVE, 2021.
  • Ahmed, Mohamed Khalafalla, et. al, Modified Version of the Cumulative Sum Statistical Analysis Method. presented at the IEEE: 2021 International Conference on Innovation and Intelligence for Informatics, Computing, and Technologies, Bahrain, September 2021.


Performance/ Presentation: National Peer Review

  • Lescop, L.; Chamel, Olivier.. How Digital Tools Are Changing Architecture Education. presented at the Design Communication Association Bi-Annual Conference, Kennesaw State University, October 2021.
  • Huffman, Craig. Developing a Main Street / Village Center for Midway. DOT Charette for Midway, Midway, FL, November 2021.
  • Francois, Jayson, Ahmed, Mohamed Khalafalla; Kobelo, Doreen, Cost-Duration-Based Project Selection Framework: A Multi-Attribute Utility Theory Model Transportation Research Board. Transportation Research Board annual meeting, Washington, DC., January 2022.


Performance/ Presentation: Poster

  • Chin, Andrew. The ACP Project: Focus Groups, Interviews + Ethnographic Research, 36th Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC) European Association for Architectural Educators (EAAE) International Conference. March 2022, Miami, FL.
  • Orosco, Anna. The Alternating Dock, 36th Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC) European Association for Architectural Educators (EAAE) International Conference. March 2022, Miami, FL.


Panel Discussion: Online

  • Huffman, Craig. Presenter, The Dwellings, AIA Florida Meeting, West Palm Beach, FL, June 2022.
  • Knight, Roy and Mohsenin, Mahsan. Session Moderators, International Conference on 'Future is Urban': Livability, Resilience & Resource Conservation, Ahmedabad, India, December 2021.

FAMU architecture ranked #1 in the US for undergraduate degrees awarded to African Americans
Diverse: Issues in Higher Education publishes a "Top 100 Degree Producers" list of institutions that confer the most degrees to minority students. The 2020 report lists Florida A&M University as #1 in the nation for awarding undergraduate degrees to African American in "Architecture and related Fields.” According to Dr. Lumpkin, the SAET Director of Student Services, FAMU is also a "perennial top 5 producer of African Americans with graduate degrees in architecture."

FAMU wins 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Connecticut AIA design competition.
The Blueprints for Pawprints is an architecture design competition sponsored by AIA Cincinnati. The Fall 2021 competition set out to develop unique pet habitats that are constructible and affordable. A third-year undergraduate design studio, Prof Maxim D Nasab, submitted drawings and models. The reviewers selected Adrian Perez's Devon Rex Tower, Corona Alvarez's Mi Pollito Pio, the Chicken Coop, and Amanda Grace's Balinese Cat Habitat for first, second, and third and recognized the sophistication, playfulness, and use of sustainable materials. Design competitions are an effective way to increase the national visibility of the architecture program.

FAMU M.Arch. student receives 5K scholarship from ZGF Architects
Lauren Rodgers, a second-year M.Arch. student, was one of two students in the country to receive a notable $5,000 national scholarship. “We were impressed with boldness and thoughtfulness of process in her Eco-Tech Environmental Learning and Research Center design,” the scholarship committee said in a release.” We all agreed that her submission successfully demonstrated her passion and know-how for the design and a unique architectural view.” Rodgers said. “The fact that I was one out of two recipients among thousands of other applicants to have been chosen lets me know that my work stood out and that makes me feel so accomplished.”


Smith Group Freshmen Mentor Program

Professors Lumpkin and Dean Wright’s Fall 2021 ARC 1003 – Orientation to Architecture class created an opportunity for SmithGroup architects to mentor first-year students.  The assignment: If I were an Architect today, what kind would I be consisted of 8 SmithGroup mentors and 31 first-year students. The SG Mentors from Chicago were Jen Vogel, Karthik Ramadurai, Laura Holman, Raquel Guzman Geara, and Mat Nozek and our SG Mentors from LA are Breton Washington and Pilar Mendez.  


Each mentor advised approximately four students per team.  The goals of each group were to interview each mentor/architect and develop a PowerPoint presentation based on the following interactions:

  • Investigate their experience in college and architecture profession
  • Learn survival techniques and what prepared them for the profession
  • Research SmithGroup profile information and history
  • Explore architect working environments in the office and types of projects
  • Highlight a project that the mentors worked on, including images, photos


Mentors met with their teams every other week via ZOOM to discuss the assignment; provided advice; detailed a typical day in the architectural office; life experiences; time management; success stories; challenges in the profession, and tools for final presentations.  SG Mentors also met via ZOOM outside regular classes and followed up with additional emails to advise and assist students with presentations and research.